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About TalkLDSbiz

Talk LDS Business is a gathering place for the common cause of businesses owned by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We started in 2003, though the concept came to me back in 1982 [not saying someone else hadn't thought of it - I am sure it was thought of back in the 1800's].

Fortunately, as this is a web-based business I don't have to worry about having staff at work on Sundays and the business partners I select also have a 'Closed Sunday' plan; even though their web site still is accessible 24/7.

Talk LDS Business was an idea back in 1982.  When I was in the Air Force and traveled I always wanted to support LDS business owners.  How was I to find them?  In 1988 I became an Amateur Radio Operator and the same thing happened.  When I moved to different places I wondered how I could meet and stay in touch with other LDS 'hams'.  Then along came the internet.  I am excited that sites started coming online to begin serving the LDS community in these areas.

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Talk  LDS Business Today does NOT Sell or Rent Participants / Inquirers names or info.
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Supporting businesses that close on Sundays
We highly recommend 1and1
We highly recommend 1and1