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 LDS Ham Radio Groups, Nets, & Info

Why this page for Ham Radio Operators?  When I was in the Air Force, 1981-1988, I always looked for LDS Radio Operators and Business people.  To be able to create new friendships and to do business with like-minded people.

Contact us if you would like your LDS Ham Net / Group listed here.

The site will continue to improve [especially when I find someone who wants to be my webmaster and would allow me to pay them in a unique way] - till then, nothing wrong with simplicity.

Denver North Stake
Freq: 146.595 mHz
TIme: 8:00 PM
Date: 2-5th Sundays

Denver: Southern Metro LDS Ham Net every week at 7 PM.
146.67Mhz (100hz), negative offset

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Cheyenne we hold our Stake Net on the first Sunday of the month at
7pm. Primary frequency is 147.470 and the backup is 146.475.

Boulder Stake net, which has met
continuously every Sunday evening, 9p.m., 147.495 Simplex, for over 10 years. aka    Louisville Hams Net

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We highly recommend 1and1